Justice Trading

Justice Trading is an international business corporation specializing in the manufacture, distribution and logistics of pharmaceuticals, and have the unique ability to overcome one of greatest social problems on earth: access to essential ethical medicine and medical supplies. By reconfiguring the supply-chain management of the pharmaceutical industry, and by building high tech platforms to create non-stop flows of medical donations in real-time, Justice Trading enables private individuals and companies — Donors — to acquire essential medicines, without a prescription, and medical supplies, and then to donate them to charities.

The company specializes in effecting aggregated donations of life-saving medicines and medical supplies, and providing all of the tracking and logistics necessary. Justice Trading has created proprietary systems that enable real time N2N philanthropy (any point to any point). Our unique crowdfunding platform enables us to provide donors with the lowest prices on earth – typically 90% lower than Western World prices for the same medicine.

As the world’s first “philanthroceutical” organization, we take our responsibilities very seriously in regards to quality control, cost effectiveness, ethical business practices and environmental responsibility.

We deal solely with high quality custom-made pharmaceuticals and medical supplies predominantly for the purposes of international humanitarian aid and emergency relief.

The world’s first “philanthroceutical” firm

Justice Trading’s Strengths lie in:
  • Technical expertise
  • Inventory control
  • Complex logistical management
  • Market knowledge
  • Global network of professionals


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